"I hope Jimin will listen" Irish 19-year-old singer, BTS Jimin'Filter' cover'talk'

“I hope Jimin will listen” Irish 19-year-old singer, BTS Jimin’Filter’ cover’talk’

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BTS JIMIN and Irish singer Curtis Walsh / Photo = Star News, Curtis Walsh Twitter

Irish singer-songwriter Curtis Walsh covers BTS Jimin’s solo song’Filter’ to attract attention.

Curtis Walsh posted on his Twitter account earlier this month, “I hope it goes to BTS Jimin. Jimin definitely knows how to write great pop melodies. Covering’Filter’ has been so much fun. I hope you guys enjoy it too.” Together with the article, the cover video of 2 minutes and 20 seconds was released.

Curtis Walsh, 19, from Dublin, Ireland, is a talented singer who has built up a solid fan base with steady live performances, making impressive appearances at several European music festivals.

Fans who watched the different’Filter’ video arranged in the slow version, “I never expected that the’Filter’ could be expressed like this. The voice is really cool.”, “Wow, the passion you put on the filter was so good.’Jimin’ I am happy to add another fanboy to’Effect’.”

Curtis posted a longer version of the cover video on Instagram and YouTube channels, revealing his desperate desire for the cover video to be delivered to Jimin.

“I hope Jimin will listen” Irish 19-year-old singer, BTS Jimin’Filter’ cover’talk’

Jimin’s solo song’Filter’ has been steadily loved even though 6 months have passed since the album was released, and he has never shown a stage.

It is covered several times in various versions like Curtis and shows Jimin’s musical ability, which is recognized by Daejeon.

Fans around the world are now looking forward to seeing Jimin’s’Filter’ directly on stage.

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