HP Chromebook x360 13c real machine review! A chromebook that supports pen and multi-mode and prevents peeping!

Main image of HP Chromebook x360 13c

Real machine review of “HP Chromebook x360 13c”is.

First, I reviewed and found out“Recommended points / features”When“Notes, etc.”I will give you.

You can check the points and precautions just by looking here.

    ■ Recommended points / features

  • Can be used in 5 modes
  • You can also use it in tent mode or tablet mode.

  • Compatible with active pens!Can draw figures and illustrations
  • * Active pen is sold separately.

  • Built-in privacy screen prevents peeping
  • When viewed from a 45 degree angle with the privacy screen turned on, the visibility is less than 1.5%.
    The privacy screen can be switched on and off.

  • With an aspect ratio of 3: 2 display, you can use the screen vertically long
  • The aspect ratio (screen aspect ratio) is 3: 2, which is longer than the conventional 16: 9 display.
    It is a display with a vertical width comparable to a 15.6-inch notebook.

  • Web camera with privacy switch
  • ▲ If you turn on the privacy switch, the WEB camera is physically blocked inside the PC.
    When I start the camera, it is pitch black and nothing is displayed.

  • Supports 4G LTE and Wi-Fi 6
  • Equipped with nanoSIM card slot.

  • Robust body
  • Conducted a robustness test of MIL-STD 810G.

    ■ Notes, etc.

  • Active pen sold separately
  • It is compatible with the “HP USI Active Pen”, but the pen is sold separately.

  • Not suitable for multiple people to look into and use
  • Due to the effect of having a privacy screen, it is easy to see dark when viewed from the side even if the screen is turned off.

    ▲ The privacy screen is off and viewed from the side.

    It is not suitable for multiple people to look into and use.

    ■ Other words

  • The photo on the manufacturer page is an English keyboard, but the shipped product is a model of a Japanese keyboard.
  • ▲ The shipped product is this keyboard (tap or click to enlarge)

icon>> Take a look at the HP Chromebook x360 13c on the official website

▶ Take a look at the HP Chromebook x360 13c on the official website

■ HP Chromebook x360 13c specs
(Including items that can be selected by customization)

THE Chrome OS
display 13.5 type WUXGA (1920 x 1280), touch compatible, reflective privacy screen, IPS LCD
CPU Intel Core i3-10110U / i5-10210U / i7-10510U
memory 8GB / 16GB
storage 256GB SSD (NVMe)
Graphics Intel UHD Graphics
size 294.5 x 216.9 x 16.7mm
weight 1.36kg
Other Wi-Fi 6、Bluetooth 5.1
■ Specifications of this review machine
Sweet model “Core i7-10510U, memory 16GB, 256GB SSD (model number: 13c-ca0003TU)”

table of contents

  • ▶ 5 modes of “HP Chromebook x360 13c”
  • ▶ Security function

    • “Reflective privacy screen” to prevent peeping
    • WEB camera with camera kill switch
  • ▶ Keyboard
  • ▶ Speaker
  • ▶ Display
  • ▶ Battery life
  • ▶Quiet
  • ▶ Size
  • ▶ Actual weight: 1333g
  • ▶ Interface
  • ――Appearance and other checks ――
  • ▶ Appearance
  • ▶ Summary of reviews for HP Chromebook x360 13c
  • ▶ Notice of HP products[discount coupon]!

▶ 5 modes of “HP Chromebook x360 13c”

“HP Chromebook x360 13c” is

  • Notebook mode
  • Tablet mode
  • Stand mode
  • Tent mode
  • Flat mode

You can switch to the 5 modes of. You can use the Chromebook x360 13c more conveniently if you use it according to the scene.

Notebook mode

Notebook mode is a standard laptop mode.

Notebook mode

Tablet mode

It can be folded into a tablet shape. * The keyboard cannot be removed.

Tablet mode

Convenient for using while showing the screen to someone, writing notes with the active pen, and entering correction instructions.

Stand mode

Stand mode is a convenient mode to put on a table and watch a video.

Stand mode

This mode is also useful for loosely angled the display when using the active pen.

Tent mode

Tent mode is a convenient mode when you want to place it in a narrow space.

Tent mode

It is also convenient when cooking while looking at recipes in the kitchen or when studying at a cafe.

Flat mode

Flat mode is when the display is opened 180 degrees.

Flat mode

It’s similar to tablet mode, but you can also use the keyboard in flat mode.

Even when you want to show the screen to the person you meet, you can show the screen faster in this mode than in tablet mode.

The HP Chromebook x360 13c is compatible with the HP USI Active Pen (pen sold separately).

▶ Security function

“Reflective privacy screen” to prevent peeping

HP Chromebook x360 13cEquipped with “Reflective Privacy Screen: HP Sure View Reflect”.

It is easier to prevent others from peeking into the display.

This function is recommended for people who are worried about their surrounding eyes in cafes and shared offices.

The privacy screen is a button on the keyboardIt can be turned on and off.

Privacy screen button

Please noteEven when the privacy screen is off, it looks a little dark when viewed from the side.

Introduced below with both “ON” and “OFF” photos.

Privacy screen: On

▼ Privacy screen: When ON, the edges of the screen look a little dark even from the front.

Privacy screen:ON

▼ When viewed from the side, it looks dark and easy to see.

Privacy screen:ON

▼ When viewed at a 45 degree angle, it looks dark copper and the visibility of the screen is less than 1.5%.

Privacy screen:ON

Privacy screen: OFF

▼ Even if the privacy switch is off, the edge of the screen looks slightly dark even from the front.

Privacy screen:OFF

However, if I tilted the display to an angle that was easy for me to see, I was able to work without much concern.

▼ Even if the privacy screen is off, it looks dark when viewed from the side.

Privacy screen:OFF

It is not suitable for multiple people to look into and use.

WEB camera with camera kill switch

Equipped with a “camera kill switch” that can turn off the WEB camera with an internal circuit.

Camera kill switch

▼ When the switch is turned on, even if the camera is started, it is pitch black and nothing is displayed.

With the camera kill switch turned on

The WEB camera is an HD camera with about 920,000 pixels.

WEB camera

▶ Keyboard

▲ Tap or click to enlarge

The keystroke (the distance the key sinks) is about 1.3 mm, which is neither deep nor shallow.

The typing feel is a little stiff at the beginning of typing, but the movement until the key returns to the bottom is smooth, and there is no feeling of poking.

It has high rigidity and you can type with a crisp feel without bending.

The key top (the surface of the key) has a slightly gentle spherical surface, making it difficult for the force of your fingertips to escape.

Key top up image

▲ The key top is exposed to light to create a dented line.

The typing sound is like a rattling sound, and the volume is about normal.

Keyboard up from diagonally above

Key pitch etc.

Comparison with desktop PC keyboard

▲ Comparison with desktop PC keyboard

▼ There seems to be a key pitch (key-to-key spacing) close to 19 mm, which is said to be easy to type.

Key pitch

The palm rest was also wider than the size image.

Place your hand on the palm rest

Equipped with keyboard backlight

The brightness of the keyboard backlight can be adjusted in 5 steps.

Keyboard backlight



The clicking sound when you press the touchpad is about normal.

▶ Speaker

Audio makerDual speakers co-tuned with Bang & OlufsenEquipped with.

The speaker position is on the bottom.

HP Chromebook x360 13c Speaker

Since it is equipped with a sound system co-tuned with Bang & Olufsen, I felt that I wanted a little more sound omission as much as I expected.
Sound quality not bad for a laptop speakerI think.

▶ Display

It is a touch-enabled display.

Where you are touching the display (touch-enabled display)

“Corning Gorilla Glass 5” is used for the cover glass of the display, which is strong and resistant to scratches.

In addition, as introduced in the “Reflective privacy screen” section that prevents peeping, the privacy screen “HP Sure View Reflect” is built-in.

▼ I didn’t mind the reflection.

How the light is reflected on the display

▼ Since the display rotates 360 degrees, you can open the display 180 degrees and lay it flat like this.

A side view of the display up to the point where it can be opened

▶ Battery life

■ Actual measurement of battery drive time

Manufacturer’s published value Up to 12 hours
Play youtube video 7 hours 49 minutes
Amount of battery that could be charged in 30 minutes About 41%

* Display brightness: Measured at about 80%. The darker the display, the longer the battery life.
* Regarding “Play YouTube video”, the battery life may change depending on the content of the video, so please refer to it for reference only.

I think we have a good battery life.


It is almost silent. Even when I played the game, there was almost no fan noise.

Unless you run a heavy 3D game, it doesn’t seem to make that loud noise.

▶ Size

It is a size comparison with a semi-B5 notebook (university notebook).

Size comparison of A4 paper and Chromebook x360 13c

Chromebook x360 13c thin

University notebook 252×179mm
A4 size 297×210mm
HP Chromebook x360 13c 295 x 216.9 mm (x thickness 16.7 mm)

The width x depth is close to A4, making it easy to carry even a standard-sized business bag.

I put it in my business bag

Where to hold it aside

▶ Actual weight: 1333g

Where we are measuring the weight

Body About 1,333g
AC adapter + power cable About 297g

Considering it as a 13.5-inch laptop, it is a standard weight.

It’s a relatively long battery, so if you have a little business, you don’t have to carry the AC adapter with you.

▶ Interface

■Right side

Right side

① nanoSIM card slot
② microSD card slot
③ SuperSpeed USB Type-C 5Gbps (Power Delivery、DisplayPort 1.2)

④ SuperSpeed USB Type-A 5Gbps

* Supplementary explanation
「SuperSpeed USB 5Gbps」=「USB 3.2 Gen1」

▼ Even if you insert the microSD card, it will not stick out, so it will not get in the way even if you leave it inserted.

Where the SD card is inserted

■Left side

Left side

① Headphone output / microphone input combo port
② SuperSpeed USB Type-C 5Gbps (Power Delivery、DisplayPort 1.2)

③ Security lock hole
④ Power button
⑤ Volume adjustment button
⑥ Camera kill switch

By the way, I connected an external monitor to two “USB Type-C terminals” to make a triple display (two external displays).

To charge the battery, connect it to the USB Type-C terminal. It comes with an AC adapter that can be used by connecting to USB Type-C.

Charging from mobile battery

Charging with a mobile battery

I connected the mobile battery to the USB Type-C terminal and was able to charge the HP Chromebook x360 13c side.

* By the way, this time I charged from a relatively compact 29W output mobile battery, but it is unconfirmed how much output mobile battery can be charged.

Take a look at “HP Chromebook x360 13c” on the official website


――Appearance and other checks ――

▶ Appearance

HP “Chromebook x360 13c” has only one body color, “Natural Silver”.

A robust aluminum body that can withstand the 19-item test specified by MIL-STD 810G and the pressure test of 300 kgf.

Appearance of Chromebook x360 13c Diagonally above from the top plate side

The HP logo shines like a mirror.

Top plate logo up

The folded state from diagonally above

Bottom of the main body

▼ Robust hinge that has undergone 25,000 durability tests.

Image of hinge

▼ A fingerprint authentication sensor is also installed on the upper part of the right palm rest.

Palm rest up

▶ Summary of reviews for HP Chromebook x360 13c

A summary of the reviews for the HP Chromebook x360 13c.

Appearance of HP Chromebook x360 13c

The HP Chromebook x360 13c is a high-spec Chromebook.

You can use Chrome OS, which can run smoothly even with a relatively low-spec CPU, even more quickly.

If you often use your laptop in places that people care about, such as cafes and shared offices, the privacy screen can be a useful feature.

Recommended for those who are looking for a chromebook with solid performance that is easy to use on the go!

▶ Notice of HP products[discount coupon]!

Discount coupon

Limited to this site from HP Japan[HP product discount coupon]Was issued! (* Expiration date: Until 23:59 on February 28, 2021)

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icon>> Take a look at the HP Chromebook x360 13c on the official website

▶ Take a look at the HP Chromebook x360 13c on the official website

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