How to treat and prevent thrush

How to treat and prevent thrush

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At canker sores they are small sores in the mouth that can cause discomfort and pain. Know some ways to treat and prevent this problem that can also affect the genitals.

  • Canker sores prevention

  • Foods that increase the risk of cold sore

  • Treatment for occasional thrush

  • Treatment for recurrent thrush

Canker sores prevention

It is necessary brush your teeth regularly, preferably with toothpaste without sodium lauryl sulfate (LSS), an agent present in most toothpastes and that favors the appearance of thrush in people with predisposition. Brush gently.

Foods that increase the risk of cold sore

You also need avoid some foods such as nuts, apples, strawberries, crustaceans and certain spices, which increase the risk of cold sore. Pay attention to misplaced dental prostheses.

Treatment for occasional thrush

Treatments have a role antibacterial, antiseptic and anesthetic. The most common are mouth spray, lozenge and anesthetic gel.

Treatment for recurrent thrush

You can use the colchicine, which prevents the reappearance of thrush, local or oral corticosteroids, which accelerate wound healing, and thalidomide, which reduces pain and has a preventive function.

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