How to pay the price when buying a used car

How to pay the price when buying a used car

Price negotiation is extremely important. To buy a car at a good price you need to know how to pay the price when buying a used car.

When buying a car old carAfter checking and assessing the vehicle’s condition, the next important step is to negotiate and bid. According to some buyers and sellers of old cars, there is a wide range of experience that a buyer may apply.

Prepare well before negotiating

If you consider the main car “second wife” will stick with you a part of your life, the sellers are seasoned “matchmakers”, who understand customer psychology and are very good at persuading. Therefore, the first thing to do is to find out the vehicle information carefully before buying. The more you know, the more leaky it is, the more advantageous the price will be. Even if you are very satisfied with a certain model, you should postpone that happiness.

It is advisable to learn carefully the information from the vehicle model, car manufacturer, model, year of manufacture, specifications (engine, gear…), advantages and disadvantages (especially the disadvantages) … You can find and read in in-depth reviews on websites, forums, blogs about cars …

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Need to learn and understand the vehicle information carefully before negotiating the price

In particular, please refer to the general sale price on the market for the model and model of the car you intend to buy. Refer to the how to calculate the value of old cars. From there, zoning the reasonable price before making the final decision. Besides, do not forget to update car news car new. Because there is an unwritten rule price car New will affect the old car price.

Experience paying the price when buying a used car

1. Focus on faults, on car blemishes

Not just with buying a car, but with any product, when you buy, you are “God”! The frankly posing questions for the seller such as: reasons for the sale, whether the used car has had an accident, the car has been hydrostatic, whether it has been used for service, has any inherent “illness” … will help you make an accurate assessment and decide whether to buy that car.

In the process of asking, focus on “catching the fault” of the car, talking a lot about the car’s disadvantages … This is the way to pay the price when buying a used car most effectively.

When paying for a used car, you should focus on the defects and disadvantages of the car

2. Expresses “dissatisfied” when looking at the car

Regardless of the form of purchase, the common mentality of most sellers is to find a way to refurbish their old car in order to attract buyers. Never let a seller see how excited you are about a car. Because even if you say “no,” the seller will likely find a way to convince you.

Therefore, the more dissatisfied you are, the easier it will be for you to negotiate a price that’s in your favor. This is a way of negotiating when buying a used car that many people apply.

3. Don’t be afraid to pay the price

Many people often hesitate to bid because they are afraid of inconvenience and insulting sellers. But why not pay the price if you’re not satisfied with that price? You have to spend a large amount of money to buy a car, there is no reason to be afraid to negotiate and negotiate prices.

Always remember that car dealers need you, and you have plenty of other options! Do not pick up after too much but ask frankly about the price that the seller wants. Then pay the sale price at your disposal. Maybe the seller will accept the price you offer or offer another price close to the level you want to save time for both parties.

4. Know progress when negotiating

Buying a cheap used car is something everyone wants. But the seller also wants to sell the car at a high price. Therefore, the most important thing in negotiation is not its own interests, but it is that both sides achieve their goals.

When paying the price to buy a car carefully, you need to know how to make a flexible withdrawal

So, when you pay the price of a used car, you also need to know when to make concessions, instead of constantly making unreasonable requests. Because this only makes it more difficult to fix the price, even lose sympathy from the seller. In the process of paying for a used car, if you build a peace, sometimes the seller will be able to happily accept the price you offer (if it’s reasonable).

5. Beware of too easy bargains

According to many experienced people buying second-hand cars, with cars that pay too easily and close the price too quickly, you are probably “lost”. When this time you should reconsider, double-check to see if there is any problem with the vehicle. Because you probably “stick” to a “black” list of used cars you should not buy such as: an old car has an accident, old car is hydrostatic, Used cars used to run services, the car is “butt-cheeked” – the speedometer rewind …

6. Buying a car at the “golden” time

Besides “weighing, measuring” subjective factors as well as advantages and disadvantages of vehicles, vehicle faults … do not ignore objective factors that help you buy old cars at good prices. If buy a used car at the company Or shops… ask them if there are any promotions or are there upcoming deals?

Should buy a used car at the “golden” time

Any industry has a cycle, there will be high season and low season. Just pay attention to follow this cycle, update the car market, you will have an advantage in negotiating prices when buying used cars.

According to the experience of paying the price when buying a used car of some people, the best time to buy a car is the beginning of the year or July of the lunar calendar. Because at this point the purchasing power is reduced. The end of the month is also worth considering when in some dealers, sales staff will have to focus on running targets.

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Frequently asked questions about the price of a used car

? Can buying a used car at the company pay the price?

Reply: The price of used cars at the company is clearly listed. However, you can still pay the price in a small difference or request more gifts or favors.

? What is the best way to bargain when buying a used car?

Reply: There are many ways to pay the price when buying a used car. Depending on the situation that you can apply appropriately. However, according to experts, to pay the easy price should not reveal your satisfaction with that car. At the same time, give a reasonable price for both parties instead of too good for you.

? Buying a used car has to pay a lot?

Reply: Bid more or less will depend on each case. Usually, a used car at a reputable company or store has been listed. So the price can pay quite a bit. As for buying and selling used cars between individuals and individuals, depending on the quality and condition of the car, you can pay more or less.

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