How to fix robot vacuum cleaner with 3 common errors is very simple and effective

How to fix robot vacuum cleaner with 3 common errors is very simple and effective

1. Inactive error

Sometimes your robot is working normally, smoothly but suddenly stops working without you understanding why. Or check to see the cause of this situation to offer the right remedy:

The robot is out of battery

The robot is out of battery

When the robot is not working, the first thing you need to do is check that the robot’s battery has enough power for the device to work. Chances are your cleaner is out of battery from last clean and has not been charged. If you encounter this problem, you need to quickly return the robot to the charging rock, check if the charging cord is loose or have poor contact base to adjust. Once the battery is fully charged, restart the robot and the robot can resume the cleaning.

Environment temperature

Ambient temperature is one of the factors affecting the working operation of the robot. This electronic device may not function in environments with extremely high or low temperatures. Measure the working environment temperature of the device that meets the temperature level of 0-40 degrees C. This is the ideal working environment temperature of the vacuum cleaner robot.

Motor jam or brush jam

Motor jam or brush jam

Your reassembly cleaning process may be inaccurate leading to this situation. It is also possible that dust and dust may not be removed after a period of work. Now you need to turn off the machine, turn up the machine to check the motor, brush and remove all cleaning brooms. Make sure the parts are fitted correctly and clean, and restart the robot.

2. The robot is not working according to the schedule

Error of robot not working according to schedule

Smart robot vacuums usually work based on a pre-installed work schedule. Sometimes you will come across the robot not working as previously installed. Some of the causes and ways to overcome this situation:

The device’s battery is not turned on or the battery is too low

Maybe you have a specific schedule for the robot but forgot to power on or charge the device. The battery level of the device drops too low, the available scheduled working mode will not be activated. You need to check the power button as well as the battery power to make sure it works.

Schedule has been canceled or not turned on

Sometimes you schedule a device to work but accidentally not activate or hit cancel without noticing. Check that the settings are now correct. Smart robot products today are integrated with control function via apps on mobile phones so they can be easily checked.

Timezone different

The status of not working according to the preset schedule due to time zone difference is very common in new robot product devices or reset. Smart robots at Hang Duc A are often genuine imported from abroad, so the time zone is deviated from Vietnam time. You can reset the time zone using the app on your phone.

3. The working process causes great noise and low dust suction

Large trash makes the robot squeak, vacuum is weak

Some customers at Hang Duc A call for advice about robot care suddenly working with loud noise and weak suction power, no dust and dirt. The cause of this situation and how to fix the robot vacuum cleaner at home when encountering this error is very simple without you paying attention:

Robot is trapped or hair is wrapped in broom

The cause of the vacuum cleaner operating with louder than usual noise is due to being trapped or tangled, pointing to the brush. This situation is common in most families, especially those with many women. So you need to regularly clean and remove hair, only wrap the machine at least 2 times / week. Regular cleaning of the device keeps it in good working order and prolongs the life of the product.

The edge brush is entangled

Your floor is dusty and large-sized rubbish causes the edge brushes to become entangled, causing loud noise, weak suction. The way to overcome this situation is that you need to regularly clean the edge brush, middle brush and filter, dust box as well as regularly empty the garbage to avoid full garbage.

Above is the share of A Hang Duc about How to fix robot vacuum cleaner with 3 common errors, simple but effective. Hope you will fix these simple errors at home. However, if your device has complicated errors, please contact the hotline 0961,015,925 for timely repair assistance. A Hang Duc is a professional robot vacuum cleaner on the market with many years of experience.

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