How to distinguish genuine auto parts from counterfeit products?

How to distinguish genuine auto parts from counterfeit products?

Auto parts are a “lucrative” market for counterfeit and fake products. How to distinguish and identify genuine parts and counterfeit products?

To ensure efficient operation of a car, it is necessary to have good quality parts. Currently, there are many types of car parts on the market to meet the needs of buyers.
According to the classification, there are types of spare parts such as genuine goods, OEM spare parts, used parts, counterfeit parts, domestic and export spare parts … Depending on your needs or financial conditions. Buyers looking for the right spare part for the vehicle.

Genuine parts are favored for their good quality

Most of those who need to replace spare parts want to use genuine products. The quality of genuine parts is ensured because it will match every detail to your car. This helps the best car performance. However, not all suppliers have genuine products. Many suppliers, because they are chasing profits, import spare parts that are floating, not genuine, and have similar alternatives and sometimes are counterfeit products of poor quality.

The use of counterfeit parts causes great harm to the vehicle. The counterfeit parts often do not fit with the other parts of the machine, making the connections and connections less stable. From there, lead to corrosion causing damage to the machine. Not only that, when using counterfeit parts, buyers will have to replace them regularly because quality is not guaranteed. This causes both machine damage and direct economic damage. Vehicles using counterfeit parts have a great risk of accident. Consequently, a certain understanding of how genuine and counterfeit parts are distinguished.

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Consider product packaging

Visually, when observing the details of the spare parts, you can see the meticulousness in each detail. Genuine products often bring a good feeling with sophisticated design and high precision when matching car parts and details. When considering purchasing a part, the first thing to do is pay attention to its packaging. Good part trust primarily lies in observing the way the part is packaged, the logos, labels or bar codes of the products.

Packaging products

Genuine product packaging tells a part about the meticulousness of the product. Genuine parts are carefully packaged and mark that identifies their products. For product packaging, it is necessary to consider whether the packaging is deformed? Usually, genuine large accessories are packaged in hard, bulging cases or cartons and carefully wrapped so they are not susceptible to damage or corrosion. Or for kind car accessories Small bags are wrapped in plastic bags carefully and are fully labeled.

Genuine parts are often packaged with kidney weight

If you look at the overall packaging of the box and the package of spare parts is sketchy, not careful, it is most likely not genuine. The packaging of genuine spare parts is designed and packaged according to certain manufacturer’s standards. Anti-counterfeiting stamps may be included on genuine parts packages. You should keep this point in mind to identify genuine and counterfeit products.

Logo, label

Labeling is an important sign to identify brands as well as accessories. Genuine parts of each car line, the car company will have certain logos of that brand. On the label of the product’s packaging, there is a stamp with the name or code of that product. Genuine products always indicate the origin of the equipment manufacturer and supplier. Genuine product labels and packages always have clear colors, not blurred ink. Besides, for some parts there may be warranty period so you can also note this point.

Genuine auto parts always have anti-counterfeiting stamps

Code, bar

You should check that the barcode, also known as the barcode or the code of the product, is the same as the manufacturer’s code? Genuine spare parts always have the same code as given by the manufacturer. You can use your phone to look up auto parts codes. Currently on the Internet there are many websites that support to check the spare part codes of each manufacturer. You can use these codes to check with the code on the product to make reasonable choices. In addition, the ink strokes on the numbers and strokes should be clear. New imported genuine products will not suffer from basic barcode errors such as blurring.

Genuine barcodes are not blurred

Observe carefully the part code

On the market today, there are many types of auto parts products that are delicately imitated. Products that are often counterfeited can be cylinders, pistons, crankshaft edges, air-conditioning filters … However, no matter how “miraculous” the counterfeiting technology is, it still cannot be compared with the manufacturer’s. export offers.

Genuine auto parts surfaces are usually bright and sophisticated

By observing the colors, the counterfeit product has a darker appearance while the real one looks brighter because of its finer processing. When touching the surface of spare parts, genuine products always feel smooth, not as rough as counterfeit brands. You can feel the smoothness when you touch the edges, not jagged due to carefully honed machining. For products that have also been reworked to shine, they still cannot achieve the smoothness inherent in the new genuine product.

Pay attention to joints, welds

For weld joints, product joints, pay close attention to see the bond strength. The details linked together fit together. For threaded components and screws, carefully check whether the threads are finely machined? If it is counterfeit, the jointing with the nuts does not create a balance. Touch the welds with your hands to see if the welding part is smooth or not? Normally, the welds of genuine products are welded evenly without any breakage. If there are cracks in the welds, not tight, it is a poor quality product.

Genuine auto parts have even welds and smooth to the touch

“Soi” is engraved on the widget

Depending on the product, the brand name and barcode are engraved on with genuine high-end technology. Genuine parts are engraved with letters quite delicately, when the hand feels quite smooth. For letters engraved on the product you should see the sharpness of the text, which feels like watermark. Meanwhile, counterfeit parts often have rough engravings and are not smooth to the touch, even though the engraved color looks bright.

The name engraved on the genuine part is clearly not rough

Consult the price

Price is also a concern about whether the product is genuine or not. Spare parts are made by genuine manufacturers with good quality, high precision, and match every detail with other parts. Therefore, genuine products often have very high prices. Meanwhile, the price of similar parts but are not genuine or counterfeit is much cheaper, usually only half the price of the genuine product. The price of counterfeit parts usually ranges from 50-70% of the price of genuine parts.

The price of genuine parts is often much higher than the price of counterfeit parts

The advice for you is not to buy cheap parts to buy parts that do not guarantee quality. Because those products are not of good quality and quickly spoil that you have to check often and the value of the replacements is not cheap. So, if you can go to reputable addresses to buy good, you should think about accepting the “slightly acrid” price from the manufacturer.


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Try it out if possible

There are a number of spare parts available for trial installation by the dealer before deciding to buy. Take the opportunity to test the joints together to see how the parts fit. Some products may be tested such as tires, screws, gears … If there are signs of mismatch, the screw is mismatched, there is laxity, there is no tight bonding between parts, then it may not be possible. must be the accessory you need.

When making a purchase, you should pay attention and carefully check the details on the part you want to purchase. Even parts sold at major dealers can be purchased by floating markets such as bazaars, brokered through acquaintances. Currently, the technology of counterfeiting auto parts is quite sophisticated, so it may be lost if you do not have experience distinguishing between fake and genuine products. In order not to fall into the situation of “money loss carrying disability” for the car, you should consult more ways to distinguish genuine parts from counterfeit goods.

Choose a reputable place to sell

In addition to the above notes, to buy genuine spare parts, you should prioritize buying spare parts at trusted dealers that specialize in supplying genuine spare parts. Each manufacturer has the maintenance facilities and warranty for its vehicle.

Select locations that sell reputable genuine parts and authorized dealers

Therefore, if your car belongs to any brand, you should go to a reliable facility for warranty or replace genuine parts to ensure the best quality. However, you should still equip yourself with experience to distinguish genuine parts and counterfeit products.

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