Helping PC to install Windows “as fast as lightning”, but “Ghost win” still has its advantages and disadvantages

First let me explain what “Ghost Win” is first. This is a method of recovering computer data with a backup through Norton Ghost software. This software will compress everything from files, folders, games, “study materials” … to a “Ghost” file.

Every time the operating system and the software in the computer start to shake or need to recover data, we can extract the Ghost file so it writes directly to the hard drive. Gradually, people use the word “ghost Win” to refer to the use of Norton Ghost to restore the computer to the state when backing up in the past.

Help PC install Windows as fast as lightning, but Ghost win still has its disadvantages and disadvantages - Picture 1.

In the days of using HDD, Ghost was the miracle of PC, fast recovery of the computer

You can download available Ghost versions on the network or create a ghost version to reinstall Windows. However, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. I will briefly present the following.

Talk about the benefits first. Bung Ghost is very fast, much faster than installing Windows. When Ghost computer has how many software, how many games, how much data it is when extracting Ghost. You can find some Ghost versions that have software available on the internet, so you don’t have to go install them one by one.

Help PC install Windows as fast as lightning, but Ghost win still has its disadvantages and disadvantages - Photo 2.

As for the harm, there are also some notes. The first is that if you got a virus when you ghost, it will still be there when it detaches. Ghost versions on the Internet will often be edited, optimized or deleted something that the Ghost builder deems unnecessary, but sometimes you will need it and as a result have to find another Ghost version.

Sometimes the ghost version will fail, not 100% safe like reinstalling or resetting Windows. Download some Ghost versions online to be careful, do not download untrusted sources. Therefore it is not really a magic potion used in all cases.

The best brothers to install Windows from scratch, download applications, “documents” … then make your own Ghost file. Save the Ghost file on a portable hard drive and then just explode to use it later!

This is a brief article about his “Ghost Win”. Hope to quickly provide the most basic information for those who do not know what it is.

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