Happy Comedian 7: Zhang Dana takes first place, Odie Deyun's cross talk debut is embarrassing, Deyun men's team struggles

Happy Comedian 7: Zhang Dana takes first place, Odie Deyun’s cross talk debut is embarrassing, Deyun men’s team struggles

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“Happy Comedian 7” is currently on the air a few days ago. Although the program group adopts a new theater development learning model to increase the fun and variety of the show, the audience does not pay.

First of all, the guest lineup of cross-border players get together, and the comedians are not matched, and one Zhang directly persuades the audience; second, the stage works presented by the happy people are of poor quality, the performance on the stage appears raw and immature, and the lack of polish in the script itself is even worse. ; Finally, the format of the program is like a running account. The content of reality shows has increased, but the competition is obviously weakened, and the program has very few highlights.

In the first two episodes of the program, under the leadership of the leader Li Xueqin, Zhang Da, Xiong Ziqi, Li Yitong, Fan Dantian, Chunqing Awei, and Qin Xiaoxian came to the Liu Laogen stage. They cooperated with teachers from Liaoning Folk Art Troupe such as Yang Shulin and Song Xiaofeng. Come to the crossover stage show.

Judging from the overall presentation effect, the stage performance experience of the six happy people is still a bit worse, lack of self-confidence, the rhythm of the stage performance needs to be improved, the lack of interaction with the audience during the performance, and the lack of laughter in the script itself, so Criticism on the Internet dominates.

In the third episode of “Happy Comedian 7”, the happy people came to Beijing Deyun Club. The convener of the Comedians League Guo Degang and the teaching teachers Yue Yunpeng, Sun Yue and the assistant teachers of the Deyun men’s team helped Li Xueqin and the happy people. Qin Xiaoxian was absent for the recording of other variety shows, and Oudi took over Qin Xiaoxian to join Joy.

Yue Yunpeng, who hasn’t performed with a partner for a long time, cooperated with Sun Yue to kick off the prelude of this issue of “Deyun Society Crosstalk Special Performance”. However, after this performance, the audience can turn off the TV. The overall performance of the six happy people is even more embarrassing than Liu Laogen’s big stage. The basic skills are not enough, the rhythm, mood, and details are not good. The script itself lacks highlights. Even with the Deyun men’s team supporting the scene, it is difficult to cover up the embarrassment of the screen.

In this episode of the program, Odie’s appearance is particularly noticeable, because his relationship with Guo Degang has always been the focus of outside attention. The two fell in love with each other in a variety show. Odie wanted to worship Guo Degang as his teacher. Guo Degang asked him to kneel down and serve tea in accordance with the rules to make a simple apprenticeship and become a disciple of the League of Mouth. Guo Degang also said on the show that Odie “has food for the rest of my life”.

At the recording site of “Happy Comedian 7”, Guo Degang connected O Di, who is in isolation, and Qin Xiaoxian likes to mention one of his younger brothers. “O Di is the first person in the Dragon Character Division” was on the topic of hot searches. This time when I came to the show, Odie’s partner Cao Heyang gave the first cross talk on the stage of Deyun Society.

The two people cooperated to bring a cross talk “I have a date with Master.” Master Guo Degang was on the side as the referee, and Odie felt a little nervous. The content of the whole cross talk is not saturated enough, a few of the burdens are not funny enough, and the two people are embarrassed to act.

Odie himself has a very hard tongue, and the pronunciation of words such as “just like this” and “Allegro” is very awkward. The biggest flaw is that there is a problem with the speech, and there is some Taiwanese accent, which can make people jump off the show. Yue Yunpeng also teased Odie. If you want to continue to speak cross talk, you have to go back and practice. The dialect should be changed as much as possible. The dialect does delay a lot of rhythm.

Regarding Odie’s performance, Master Guo Degang thinks Odie is very serious, but Odie has a specialization in the art industry, and it will be sooner or later. Odie has not systematically received the training and education of cross talk. It takes hard work to become an excellent cross talk actor. .

Obviously, Odie wants to be a comedian, but his basic skills are not enough. But from this performance, I can only hear all Cao Heyang’s words when I close my eyes. Many of Odie’s lines are inaudible and somewhat vague. Although he became a master of Longzi Ke of Deyun Society by apprentice Guo Degang, Odie confessed that he missed his apprenticeship and missed the cross talk with his master, so he was very nervous on stage.

During the performance, Odie’s wheat box fell into his pants. At the scene, he cleverly resolved the embarrassment by asking his senior for help. This small detail is still a bonus. But the performance of Master Long Zike is not pass, Odie still needs to work hard.

When the happy people are performing on stage, Guo Degang has been scoring the happy people in the audience. According to the performance at the scene, Guo Degang finally gave Zhang Dada the first place. Zhang Dada, who won the laurel, was a bit embarrassed himself, and Guo Degang was worried that fans would scold him online. This champion is also a general in the scorpion. Not so much Zhang Da won the championship, it is better to say that the quality of the book is extra, and Shang Xiaoju’s assistance is so brilliant.

Zhang Da’s partner Shang Xiaoju brought the cross talk “Learning Songs”. The quality of the entire book is excellent among several works. The content of Zhang Da’s unpopular stalks is cleverly used, such as Shang Xiaoju’s “I play a big deal.” I can’t play with you,” he said the audience’s voice, with a strong sense of substitution. It’s also interesting to sing “Gossip of the Prodigal Son” as “Jiumengzi Zhangda”, “Your tavern beats the sedan chair” and other burdens. .

Zhang Da, as the host, said that cross talk still has some advantages and the whole person has made obvious progress, but this number one is still beyond many people’s expectations. Zhang Dada was able to counterattack in the end, thanks to his partner Shang Xiaoju for his good support. Shang Xiaoju’s rhythm and control have moved Zhang Dada very well. This number one is inseparable from Shang Xiaoju.

This time in the Deyun Crosstalk special performance, Sun Yue, Guan Jiuhai, Kong Yunlong, Zhu Hesong and other Deyun Tian troupes came together. It can be said that a lot of emotions and experiences have been poured into the performance of happy people. But things backfired. The joy people currently do not have the ability to formally perform on the cross talk stage of the Deyun Society. In addition, the book lacks polishing. In the end, they can only rely on the Deyun Tiantuo to support the stage. The joy people drag the whole process and let the whole show. Seeing people drowsy, this kind of cross-border match looks even worse than Liu Laogen’s big stage.

After the three episodes of the show, the tone of “Happy Comedian 7” was basically set, and the show was basically cool. The biggest failure is that there is a problem with the selection of people. No matter how innovative the model is, let unprofessional people do professional things, but the audience can only be embarrassed in the end. The program team’s desire to make the program prosper for a long time is very good, but if you don’t see it well, it can only end up with the golden sign of comedian.


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