'Hands are tools of the soul': 2 minutes video of designer Takada Kenzo's hand nuances 3 minutes to read

‘Hands are tools of the soul’: 2 minutes video of designer Takada Kenzo’s hand nuances 3 minutes to read

Kenzo Takada’s Hands – 1985

The hand is the part that shows many things about a person; age, occupation, personality and mood. In the stunning trailer produced by the 1985 producer, legendary designer Kenzo Takada says a lot about himself with his hands.

Below is the ad about the fashion designer Kenzo Takada:

Kenzo Takada’s Hands – 1985

With movements and hand forms, the founder of luxury fashion brand Kenzo reveals a bit of his true self, which is seldom seen in the fashion business.

Kenzo Takada’s Hands – 1985

In the short video above, the filmmaker asked a series of questions for famous designers. But instead of paying attention to the face of the interviewee, the camera turned around gently following the movement of the hands. As a designer yourself, Kenzo placing importance on this part of the body as it gives him vision and strength.

Kenzo Takada’s Hands – 1985

Alternating between shots of his hands pointing, waving, drawing or gently gliding on a tiny piano, a narrative voice spoke softly as if it encapsulated some filmmaker’s thoughts: ” The hands are an instrument of the soul. “

Kenzo Takada’s Hands – 1985
Designer Kenzo Takada portrait

Admittedly, the footage “The hands of Kenzo” has created a bold personal portrait of the legendary fashion designer. The uniqueness in the style of the film is also in the harmony between the impressive depictions and the gentle and deep background music.

Kenzo Takada’s Hands – 1985

Translation: Gau Truc.
Source: Shots.net

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