FlexClip: Tools to support online video editing

FlexClip: Tools to support online video editing

For Vloggers or YouTubers who regularly edit Videos, they will need video editing tools and software like DaVinci Resolve, Premiere or After Effect, … However, professional tools and software always come with it. For one thing, it is very difficult to use and get used to. However we still have some video editing tools for amateurs, it removes a lot of complicated process and makes video editing easier. The tool DesignerVN wants to mention today is the FlexClip tool.


FlexClip synthesizes many outstanding features from video cutting to creating video, adding music from your computer or text. Videos are created from FlexClip under many different subject sources such as travel, business, home, … to help us choose freely video templates.

FlexClip owns a rich video template repository with many different themes for us to create our videos. You can turn on existing videos to turn into your videos, or create completely new videos from the videos you have. With FlexClip, you have a full range of tools for creating and editing videos.


With a user-friendly design and experience, you can easily create stunning videos within minutes that allow businesses to engage consumers with clicks, drive buying intent, and increase retention. traffic to your website and promote product or service ideas on your social media platforms.

This software is very useful for content marketers and businesses preparing to launch products, ideas or services through the attractive potential of video content but do not have the advanced skills to run the Multi-nuance platform available in the market.

It’s very easy to use, comes with storyboard tools as well as a number of content templates and video and music stores to help you delight your creative expression.

All free

Unlike other software on the market, FlexClip is completely free with no additional fees. Users can use the full features of a software without having to pay any monthly fees. You just need to register and FlexClip gives you all the features. The rest of you is needed to direct and create your video.

Video editing tools

  • Signing up is simple enough: There are many ways to log in – with Facebook, Google or create an account with email and password. Then you go straight to the dashboard where you can create your first project.
  • Basic and advanced editing: With FlexClip, it is possible to trim videos without sacrificing quality. The tool already has the feature to add text to create captions, titles to the video, thereby conveying the message of the product or service. You can even combine many different videos or images in the gallery with just a few clicks.
  • Allows inserting audio: FlexClip has voice recording function to help you record your voice on the go and insert narration into video clips.
  • Watermark creation: Furthermore, in settings you can add a watermark, place it in one of the four corners of the video, set the video’s size and opacity. You can also adjust the aspect ratio, overall resolution settings, convert images to videos, split video and zoom video.

When adding a video, you can browse through the stock video options and choose one you want, or you can add your own video from your computer. One thing to note here is that you can only add one video at a time. Also, each video clip can only be 1 minute long, so if your video is longer, you’ll have to cut it.


Content repository

The software has a large library of videos, music and photo content for instant insertion into video clips. You can use this to design the video a lot more vivid and convey key messages more flexibly.

General overview of FlexClip features

Video editing: Basic and advanced editing

– Create watermark

– Voice recording

Split, merge and zoom video

– Multimedia library

– Completely free to use full features

January 12, 21


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