FIM EWC/WEBIKE SRC KAWASAKI FRANCE TRICKSTAR team’s NINJA ZX-10RR No. 1 will start from 7th place tomorrow

Due to the impact of the current global novel pneumonia epidemic, the EWC World Championship finally regained the right to participate in Leman after a long truce. Please remember that this is the first event held behind closed doors in the history of the 43rd EWC World Championship.

Both the car and the driver are eager to fight: one is the excited engine connecting rod, the other is the excited right hand of the driver!

During the private test, after riding on the same track for a month and a half, significant progress was made in setting the parameters of the car to match the new MICHELIN tires. Tomorrow Saturday, the Gilles STAFLER team will be ready to go on a traditional cobblestone road grid. , And then the traditional two-lap race starts at 12:00 (the first time is not traditional).

In the first qualifying, the three world champions Jeremy GUARNONI, Erwan NIGON and David CHECA completed the task and achieved the third place with a score of 1’37″529. It is worth mentioning that in addition to the equipment With the TRICKSTAR exhaust system, this beautiful green racing car also uses new MICHELIN tires, but it still needs a lot of testing to get a more complete parameter setting.

Erwan NIGON’s analysis of this approach:

«We will start at seventh place, which may disappoint some people, but we are confident in the race, although the sudden change of manufacturers and the new pneumonia epidemic have a greater impact on us than our competitors, we also There are indeed some restrictions. However, we are world champions and we have to defend our reputation. Therefore, we will again aim for victory for the following reasons: eremy, David and I are very close in time (we are only two-tenths apart, and we cooperate very well), and secondly because MICHELIN tires have a very good lifespan And the stability of wear……. I’m not talking about its performance in rainy weather, this may be a real problem (tires perform particularly well in rainy weather). Finally, our performance on the Bugatti circuit has been very good, and I remind everyone that we are the defending champions! .

In the game, we don’t need to be too nervous, others will solve these worries for us! “

Now it’s time to check the vehicles, improve the settings, and formulate game strategies.

The starting point of this game will be tomorrow’s cloudy sky, there may be showers, and the expected temperature is 17°C.

The next match point of the Webike SRC Kawasaki France Trickstar Team: Warm-up on Saturday at 9 am and then tie-in at 11:25 am.

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