Experience the Beko DFN28422X dishwasher: wash a lot and very clean, install independently like a washing machine - VnReview

Experience the Beko DFN28422X dishwasher: wash a lot and very clean, install independently like a washing machine – VnReview

The Beko DFN28422X is a product suitable for large families who want a standalone dishwasher, washable, efficient, quiet and simple in design.

Beko DFN28422X is one of four independent dishwashers of Turkish home appliances that have just launched in the Vietnamese market. The product has a listed price of 21.89 million dong, 2-year warranty and is aimed at large families wishing to wash many dishes daily.

Design: simple design, flexible custom rack

The Beko DFN28422X has an independent design, not a built-in design. So this dishwasher is suitable for families who have completed the kitchen, can be installed for independent use like a washing machine. The size of the machine is equivalent to a 10kg horizontal cage washing machine with the height, width and depth of 98.9 x 66.1 x 64.4 cm, weight 50.5 kg respectively.

Beko DFN28422X has gray gray, simple design like a washing machine in a vertical cage

The product has a square design, simple European style and color, almost similar to a Bosch washing machine. The case is gray gray, the entire case and door are made of solid stainless steel.

The machine has 3 floors of washing dishes, cups and pots

Inside, the machine has 3 floors for utensils, bowls, dishes, cups and pots. The washing compartment of the machine can be arranged to 14 sets according to European standards. According to our experience, the volume of Beko DFN28422X can wash the amount of dishes and dishes, complete the pot for a family of 6-10 people.

The center holder is height adjustable

The washing racks are also designed to be quite flexible. The middle rack has a mount to adjust the height, convenient when you need to wash large pots and pans. In addition, the bottom tray can be relocated, making it more flexible to place pots and pans in the bottom tray.

The third auxiliary nozzle (purple) helps to clean large items such as pots and pans.

Another difference of the Beko DFN28422X compared to other dishwashers is the addition of a third nozzle next to the two main nozzles. According to Beko, a third nozzle has a stronger water pressure, which is added to clean large items such as pots and pans.

Table describes washing programs

The control panel on this dishwasher has a mechanical button design and LCD display. The upper edge of the door is arranged with icons describing washing programs, looking at the functions of each program.

Mechanical controls and LCD screen show washing program

Beko DFN28422X has a total of 9 different washing programs including economical wash (P1), automatic wash (P2), baby wash (P3), deep wash for heavily dirty dishes (P4), quick wash (P5 ), washing the glassware (P6), mini washing of dishes less dirty (P7) and prewash (P8). In addition, the machine also has a washing compartment cleaning program (P0) to clean the inside of the machine. Like washing machines, users should periodically run the cleaning compartment every 1-2 months.

Polish and dishwashing detergent trays have a sliding design.

Salt water softener tray

The sockets of the sludge. Users should clean the recess and sludge filter at least once per week.

Practical use: rinse, each batch only costs 10 liters of water and nearly 1 number of electricity

To evaluate the washing performance of Beko DFN28422X, we smeared dishes, plates, utensils, drinking glasses and finished the pot with the very familiar foods in Vietnamese daily meals including chili sauce, soy sauce. , fish sauce, egg yolk, rice and even banh chung.

Dishes and utensils are smeared like after regular meals.

Then, we took synthetic rinsers and tried with automatic wash (P2). This is the mode where the machine will automatically detect the dirt and the amount of washing to give the optimal mode. In automatic mode, the wash batch time ranges from 2 hours to nearly 3 hours. The water temperature in this mode also ranges from 40-60 degrees Celsius.

Synthetic washing tablets cost about 5,000 to 7,000 VND have enough washing powder, polish and softener salt. Each wash will need to use 1 capsule, when washing a few items, you can split the washing tablet in half to save money. If you want to reduce costs even more, you can buy washing powder, salt and softener separately.

As a result, dishes, spoons, chopsticks and pots are washed and dried. Beautiful polished cleaning surfaces, especially glass and glass cups. However, things that have hard stains such as storage pots or frying pans will be difficult to clean when washing by machine. This is like clothes with collars that are too dirty that need to be rubbed your hands over before you put them in the washing machine.

Dishes and utensils are clean, dry and shiny after each batch of washing on automatic mode.

The temperature measured inside the machine after completing the wash batch was 47.4 degrees Celsius

In terms of water consumption, the batches in automatic mode (P2) and quick wash mode (P5) all use the same amount of water, about 10-11 liters of water, just a little more than announced by the house. production (9.5 liters of water). Compared with conventional manual washing, washing by machine saves water a lot because the washer is hot water and the pressure from the nozzles is strong.

On average, each batch of washing only costs about 10-11 liters of water

Regarding electricity consumption, we have tried several batches of automatic washing with different dishes and pots and saw a slight difference in electricity consumption. A little washing machine consumes about 0.7 amount of electricity (KWh), while a batch of many items, electricity consumption increases by about 0.9 electricity. In fast wash mode (each batch wash about 1 hour), the machine consumes about 0.7 numbers of electricity.

The little washing machine in automatic mode runs out almost 2 hours and 0.756 of electricity

When more items, washing time and electricity consumption also increased

Thus, it can be seen that the electricity and water consumption of Beko DFN28422X is not too expensive. On average, if you wash about 30 times per month (wash 1 time per day), the machine consumes more than 20 numbers of electricity and 0.3 blocks of water. Calculated, the cost of electricity and water for 30 batches of washing is only about 50,000 VND, not including the cost of synthetic washing tablets (or washing powder with softening salt and polish).

The Beko DFN28422X also emits a fairly small amount of noise during the wash process. During the experience of this washing machine, we placed the machine near the office and found that the operating noise did not cause any noticeable attention, it was almost impossible to recognize that the machine was washing by only the degree. noisy. According to the manufacturer’s data, the noise level of the Beko DFN28422X emitted when washing is 43dB, much lower than the noise of normal conversation (60 dB).


The Beko DFN28422X is a large independent dishwasher with a simple design and sturdy finish with stainless steel housing and doors. The inside details are arranged flexibly, convenient for the washing process. The machine has many modes of washing, cleaning, saving water and electricity does not cost much. Quiet washing process, no noise. However, the price of VND 21.89 million of Beko DFN28422X, equivalent to some 13-14 sets of Bosch dishwashers, may make users wonder and consider.


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