Experience "gold" buying old Ford Escape car do not worry about being cheated

Experience “gold” buying old Ford Escape car do not worry about being cheated

Although no longer produced and distributed in Vietnam, the old Ford Escape is still favored by its low price.

General introduction to the Ford Escape

Ford Escape was officially present in Vietnam since 2001. In the years 2003 – 2005, the old Escape is a 5-seater SUV with high “gold” style with masculine and strong “American” style. However, for many different reasons, Escape gradually lost the market and officially stopped assembly in Vietnam since 2008. By 2013, Escape was stopped by Ford genuine supply to Vietnam. Therefore, nowadays, if buying a used Ford Escape, car owners often only encounter the Escape 2001 – Escape 2013, while the old Escape 2014 and later are usually reserved car and the number of cars is also very small.

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2010 Ford Escape model

During the distribution process in Vietnam, Ford has sold about 10,000 different Escape cars, mainly concentrated in the early stages of the launch. Escape also has many versions of engines in different models such as:

2001 – 2004 period: Ford offers 2 Escape XLS and XLT versions. Both versions use a 3.0-liter engine, 200 horsepower capacity combined with a 4-speed automatic transmission.

Year-end period 2004 – 2008: Ford launched a version of the Escape 2.3L engine capacity with a capacity of 142 horsepower, 2-wheel drive system only used in the XLT version.

According to the reviews of many users about the old Ford Escape, this model has quite a few disadvantages in many different systems. Therefore, when buying a car, car owners also need to pay attention to many issues to choose a quality car.

Experience “gold” when buying a used Ford Escape

Because it has been manufactured for a long time, it is relatively difficult to buy a quality old Ford Escape car and not have to repair much. To minimize expenses, buyers should note the following issues:

Not “ham” too cheap car

Many people when looking to buy used Ford Escape cars often try to choose cheap cars to save money. However, according to the consulting experts to buy used Ford Escape cars, this is not a smart option because cheap cars often fall into one of the following cases: car with serious accident, car ” water raid ”or the vehicle has deteriorated seriously.

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Choosing these cars like this can cost car owners a lot of money to repair them before they can use them. During the operation, the car also often malfunctions and fails and needs to “pour” maintenance money to use the car. If calculating, the amount of money to fix the car in a short time may even be higher than the original cost that the user paid to buy the car.

When choosing Escape, avoid cars selling too cheap

Avoid choosing cars too far away

On the market today, there are still old versions of Ford Escape produced from 2002, 2003 … These cars, although still able to run, have a lifespan of up to 15-16 years of use. With these cars, most of the systems in the car, even the most solid as the body, chassis are degraded and cannot be used for long. Along with that, choosing the car with an overly old age will also make it difficult for the owner to repair the car because it is impossible to find the right spare part.

Carefully check all systems in the vehicle

According to many people experienced in buying used cars, old Ford Escape cars often have many small defects, especially concentrated in the interior compartment and machine system. Therefore, when choosing a car, you should also pay attention to the following issues:

A careful assessment of the exterior: The most common problem on the exterior of a Ford car is the light system. Car lights often do not have enough light intensity and there are also cases of short-circuit in the headlights. In addition to the lights, you also need to carefully assess the quality of the body shell to see if there is any degradation problem, if so, you should not choose such cars because the car is no longer safe for users.

Assessment of interior compartments: With old Ford Escape cars, the problem of interior degradation is definitely unavoidable because the car has also been produced a long time ago. If the interior of the car is much less: cracked seats, scratched tapes, flat cushions, utilities have malfunctioning, the doors are cracked … depending on the situation, you can negotiate with the seller to reduce fees, or Do not buy if the car is too bad. Also, check whether the old car interior is still zin or not.

Check engine: When checking the engine, you should pay attention to the exhaust gas, the engine temperature, the noise when the engine is running, and strange noises (if any). If an unusual problem arises, you should immediately ask the dealer. In addition to engines, other systems such as refrigeration, gearbox, cool water … also need special attention.

Test drive: Test drive is the best way for buyers to accurately assess the operating condition of the vehicle and potential failures. Therefore, when buying a used Ford Escape, you should make an appointment with the seller for a specific time to test the car. When you test drive, you can try to drive through many different types of terrain, accelerate, turn on the air-conditioner at maximum power, use all the features and utilities to see if the car is operating normally or not. If problems arise, take note of them to negotiate with the seller.

Test drive is the simplest way to assess the quality of a vehicle

Buying a used Ford Escape car is not easy because this model has many disadvantages and potential risks for buyers. However, if you decide to buy a used Ford Escape, you should ask professional mechanics or longtime car users for careful advice and test drive support, negotiating prices when buying used cars. .

Hien Ha

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