Exhilarating body makeup at Pilates Studio B & B

Exhilarating body makeup at Pilates Studio B & B

Whether it’s the severe cold or the stress of self-restraint mood, I’ve never been able to solidify my whole body. It’s heavy, sluggish, and I don’t feel refreshed every day.

I’m good at kickboxing and sweating and releasing stress, but sometimes I made a reservation at a certain place to try different stimuli.

This is the Pilates Studio B & B in Sangenjaya! I was always curious about the words on the exterior, “You can see the changes in 50 minutes, and your posture and life change.” Once inside, you’ll find a variety of dedicated equipment and tools that are indispensable for full-scale and multifaceted Pilates! This is a masterpiece. I can’t find a place in Tokyo that has all this.

The teaching style is a complete one-on-one lesson for 50 minutes each time. Based on the school “PHI Pilates” that provides optimal exercise from accurate posture analysis, super veteran trainers who also handle training courses for Pilates instructors will guide you.

The person in charge of me this time was Mr. Kuroko Hajime.

While studying in the United States, Kuroko acquired ATC, which is a quasi-medical qualification and a nationally recognized trainer qualification. There seems to be.

Probably because there are many customers in athletes, the content is quite spartan even though the guidance to me is soft.Lol

With almost no breaks, he put me in a good mood, saying, “I’ll only tell people who can do this,” and slowly pushed me in with all kinds of machines and tools.

The 50-minute lesson ends in a blink of an eye as you move while squeezing parts that you do not use in your usual exercise.

And, as the shop says, there is a clear change in your body in just 50 minutes! Let’s compare before and after images. Please look!

The warped hips are removed, and the head that protrudes forward retracts, giving a crisp standing appearance. The forward bending posture was corrected by bending the knees, and the spine drew a beautiful curve. This is definitely a beautiful posture. Impressed and nice.

But what surprised me most was actually the way home.

When I get tired from exercising, I tend to feel tired, but this time, even if I moved my body, I didn’t get tired, but my gait became lighter. The hands and feet were easy to swing, and there was a well-organized response from the inside of the body. If your body is light, Tozen feels light and bright.

It was my first experience with a full-scale Pilates B & B that made full use of the machine, but it was very good as rumored. Up until now, when you get tired, you have recovered by massage and manipulative treatment, but you may also aim to build a body that is less tiring by building the muscles you need with Pilates.

It was kind of fun.

I would also like to recommend it to those who are concerned about poor posture and stiffness. Even if you don’t have any exercise habits, you don’t have to worry about falling out on the way because it is 1: 1 with a veteran trainer. I think you can continue without difficulty. It seems that there are regular campaigns that are easy to go to, so if you are interested, please check the site as well.

Pilates Studio B & BSangenjaya Studio

2-7-1 Taishido, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo Fenicia Sangenchaya 1F 03-5779-3922

* Renewal campaign until the end of January 2021. “I saw the VOGUE blog” extended until February.Contact the studio for details

惣流 マリコ / Mariko Soryu

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