Examinations before starting to play sports

Examinations before starting to play sports

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Before starting to practice a sport, it is advisable to carry out medical exams that point out the athlete’s health status, possible risks of sports practice for the patient, in addition to the formulation of an adequate training plan.

  • Consultation with specialist doctor

  • Cardiopulmonary stress test

  • Electrocardiogram

  • Personalized exercise program

Consultation with specialist doctor

A sports medicine specialist will perform a test of strength and endurance muscle strength, flexibility and body composition analysis to determine the body fat index.

Cardiopulmonary stress test

The test of cardiopulmonary effort it is done to determine the athlete’s health status and his heart rate limit for training. Stress tests are performed in a personalized way on a treadmill or exercise bike depending on the patient’s previous health status and preferred physical activities.


O electrocardiogram serves to rule out arrhythmias and other cardiovascular changes. If an anomaly is identified, the patient should see a cardiologist.

Personalized exercise program

The execution of a personalized exercise program it is done to indicate the level and type of aerobic work recommended for the athlete in order to guarantee a safe sport practice and a better performance of the athlete.

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