Designs that simulate the future of humanity

Designs that simulate the future of humanity

In 2200 when humans divided into two categories – those who believe in simple living and let nature heal itself (as evidenced by the people letting dolphins swim in the canals of Venice), while half Left is where the human race struggles to survive without change in their behavior.

As a novelist, nothing excites me to the point of seeing a whole new, unexplored and opportunity-filled world. That’s exactly how I feel every time I see an architectural design posted by @inwardsound, an Italian 3D artist on Instagram who creates these surreal but realistic perspectives on our future. , like showing different versions of the Earth in parallel universes, where a person turns into human fate or actions that have led to a new society to be formed under their influence. Designers use a combination of software, including Cinema4D and Photoshop, to achieve their vision. Just looking at the detailed effort that goes into each of these renderings can easily create a story about a person living in that space, hopefully without a COVID!

Living in the city, with the houses so close, we often know the person sitting across the window, they’re in fact our neighbors! Imagine a city where humans have the ability to control gravity, so people reside on the ground and the sky (literally!) In this wonderful view of the world what if our space runs out of space in our city. The New York 2200 is here, and chances are, you’ll have a friendly neighbor above you too!

Next is 2120 and the city is Tokyo. Anyone who has ever lived or traveled to Japan knows that it is one of the most organized cities for directions and signs. The gigantic structure of various railroads and high-speed trains running through it every minute will become the past of this futuristic Central Station for the next 100 years, when people use a jet!

When humans cross all the forests to create cities, how do they balance green spaces? By creating a reserved space on a higher plane to create a forest with plenty of sunlight and it grows enough to sustain the urban population. Titles Urbs, this rendering is reminiscent of such a space, with the richest people on the upper floors and most environmental benefits.

Named Hidden City, this render took me to an alternate dimension where the earth was in a state of overload and humans didn’t improve their behavior. Literally looking like a tunnel, a city slightly sinking and buildings that have taken over majestic mountains in the distance, The Hidden City is a simulation of a place when Earth has reached its limit. .

Whether our future is in space or on another planet, one thing is certain – we need trees! Perhaps if we took that lesson earlier, the future won’t come a moment when we have to leave this planet. Looking at the photo, this giant spaceship seems to maintain a healthy balance of nature and people on it.

The city is still green and it exists together. Green architecture is in need of the times and looking at this render gives me some hope for the future. The eternal city here is a balanced ecosystem where existing structures support and nurture the plants that grow on it, and waterways are common, accepted means of transportation. sea ‚Äč‚Äčlevel rise.

Talk about floating islands. It is depicted of a scene where tiny fragments of this paradise look like filters that clean the green passing through the center of the densely populated city, giving a breath of fresh air to the people. live in a crowded urban situation.

The growing sales of air purifiers around the world are proof that we realize the impact of our actions and the growing air pollution. But what to do when the pollution level is so high that the small-scale home filter is not enough? We create the O2 Station! Imagine a central, large-scale purifier if you stand tall and are responsible for cleaning the harmful air around us, making the habitats for humans and plants alike!

Skillfully named the Protected Area, this is likely what our planet would look like if Tony Stark (the fantasy heroic character of the Iron Man movie) succeeds in creating a invisible shield covers all over our world, protecting us from evil forces. Though Corona now looks like an expression of Thanos (the villain in Endgame) right now, I wonder if these nets are enough to save humans.

Airship! Really in the air, the simulated ride in the photo is reminiscent of Titanic’s worst nightmare! Because really, there’s nothing more terrifying than escaping the fate of being in the deep sea and then catching fire later!

Usually we associate red with romance or even violence, but there’s something about using red in this rendering reminiscent of Kyoto’s meditation temples during the poetic autumn. dream. The multi-level structures in a grid-like pattern are randomly arranged but held concurrently, naming the city Quiet City.

We know the importance of earth rotation in everyday life. Can you imagine just living in the night, with no daylight coming to your rescue? When humans live in space, we try to recreate what we already know and that’s what makes Rotor City’s unique form. Built around a central axis, the city was built to rotate like Earth, retaining the balance we are familiar with, and making the transition from Earth to space easier.

When people in the 1900s imagine to 2021, they think about flying as a legal mode of transportation, and I’m here in 2021, stuck in quarantine and without any flights. in sight. So maybe the future we’re envisioning won’t be a very different path but a nod in the right direction, creating the balance we’re looking for. New Life is a city of the future, covered with skyscrapers and trees, indicating that modern must be greener than gray.

Here let’s watch a short video about architect Inward’s simulated 3D design.

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