Cheap IP cameras selling sidewalks - VnReview

Cheap IP cameras selling sidewalks – VnReview

Many types of cameras connected to the Internet are being sold on the sidewalks of big streets and “flea markets” with prices from VND 120,000.

At a counter selling electronic equipment at Nhat Tao market (District 10), many types of wireless surveillance cameras (IP cameras) with plastic boxes or just plastic are sold for more than 100,000 VND.

The sales woman in her 50s saw a visitor, took out her mobile phone with the app installed and connected it to the Yoosee camera. Her phone screen starts to play the recorded images by the camera. She introduced this camera with Full HD resolution and many features: 360-degree rotation, two-way conversation, motion detection, saving video via attached memory card.

The seller said that she sells 5-7 sets a day, sometimes more than 10 sets. The store will guarantee the machine itself, but there is no paper attached.

On 3/2 (District 10), Nguyen Kiem (Go Vap district) or Cach Mang Thang Tam (Tan Binh district), these camera models are displayed on street vendors, even on the sidewalk. The common point is that the products of Chinese brands sound “strange”, like Yoosee, Siepem, Hamscy … Some models only have codes, such as Y57, C205.

IP camera models are sold for less than 200,000 VND. Photo: Bao Lam.

Most of the equipment has a circular design (dome), some types of boxes have a roof (box). Material of plastic, but the joints are not seamless, the texture is loose, less sturdy. The device comes with a memory card up to 512 GB capacity. Some store data in the “cloud” for a few hundred thousand dong a month. The host domain name has a “.cn” or “.com” extension and a Chinese interface.

Connecting the camera is quite simple, just attach it to the necessary position, plug the camera into operation, install the management application on the smartphone and connect to the Wi-Fi system of the family. VnExpress’s test found that the images and colors were quite pale and difficult to see. When controlling to different angles, the camera turns slowly, with great delay when receiving commands.

According to an IP camera dealer in Ho Chi Minh City, the above cheap cameras are manufactured by small, unknown companies in China. They are cheap because they use cheap materials and do not go through quality checks in order to reduce costs. In addition, there are also samples from reputable brands but are defective goods, “slipped” out instead of being destroyed.

Mr. Le Long (Binh Thanh district) recently bought an IP camera brand Siepem. Initially, the device gave “acceptable” images, but after just over a month, the camera was not working properly, the Internet connection was fluttering and connection was often lost. Video quality is also no longer the original. After a month of use, Mr. Long had to dispose of it to help reduce inhibitions and switch to another more popular brand.

On a Facebook camera group, a user named Le Dinh bought a Yoosee-branded IP camera from the sidewalk shop for 200,000 VND. Last week, his motorbike was stolen. The camera still records the image of the thief taking the car, but can not identify the face of the bad guy because the video resolution is too low, the space is dark.

Some people who have bought this cheap IP camera also admit that the device quickly degrades, the image is flicker, not clear, noise, color disturbance …, even after a short time of use , especially with outdoor cameras. They often choose to throw it away and buy a new product instead.

According to Mr. Duc Luan, an expert of FPT Camera Company, the security camera is cheap, the origin is unclear, the brand is “fake” or not reputable, which has hidden danger of information security. “Basically, an IP camera is a small computer connected to the Internet, so users can have their data stolen”, Mr. Luan explained. “To save costs, these camera models will not be equipped with hardware and software data security solutions, no regular security patches, even users do not need an account and Access password, so pictures in the home are easy to leak out.

According to Luan, the usual way is that hackers will break into the home network, then hack into the camera and observe everyone from afar. This is done silently, and difficult to detect by users. Since then, families are susceptible to being followed by bad guys, the risk of theft is very high, or sensitive images are posted online.

Mr. Vo Do Thang, Director of Athena Cyber ​​Security Center, emphasized the risk of being installed with malicious code from these cheap cameras. “The camera may have malware installed inside. Because the device is always connected to the Internet, the image data can be transferred to the remote server”, Mr. Thang explained. “This data can then be used for malicious purposes, especially with information that is sensitive or of economic, social or military value.” Mr. Thang analyzed several low-cost camera models in the market and found malware in these devices.

According to the Department of Information Security, Ministry of Information and Communications, security cameras are one of the devices with the most network security vulnerabilities in Vietnam.

According to TNP, in October 2020, a hacker group said that there is a list of 50,000 IP cameras attacked by this group. The stolen videos range from 1 minute to more than 20 minutes, recording couples, family living, nursing women … in the living room, bedroom, and open toilet. . Most of the footage is “sensitive”, people in the video are revealing, some are in a nude. The victims identified were mainly in Singapore, Thailand, South Korea and Canada.

According to security experts, users need to choose reputable IP camera brands, which have confirmed their quality in the market. Buyers should prioritize checking the data security measures of IP cameras. When using, should change the default password, set a strong password and regularly update security patches. In addition, pay attention to abnormal camera conditions, such as auto rotation.

According to Vnexpress

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