Car USB: Experience buying USB, how to create USB to listen to music in a car

Car USB: Experience buying USB, how to create USB to listen to music in a car

When buying a video music USB for car, what should be noted, which one is good? How to download music, listen to USB music in the car? All will be shared below.

What is a car USB?

A car USB (USB Flash drive or USB portable hard drive) is a type of data storage device that uses flash memory. Car USB is often used to store pictures, music, movies … This is also the reason why many people call USB used in cars as music USB or car music USB. When using USB, just plug it into the USB socket in the car to be played in the car. The advantages of car USB are small size, light weight, large capacity (large storage capacity), fast transfer speed.

Car USB has long been considered very convenient, helping to expand the entertainment features in the car, especially for cars that do not support internet connection to listen to music online. Thanks to USB, users can copy and store their favorite music and movies to listen or watch in the car. This contributes to a more enjoyable and exciting experience on every trip.

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Car USB is often used to store pictures, music, movies

Types of USB music pictures for cars

Car USB comes in two main categories: brand new and built in music.

New USB (not copied music)

This type of USB is in a new form, has not yet copied any music or video. Buyers can use it for a variety of other storage purposes. If you want to use it to listen to music in your car, after buying, you must download music (copy music) to a USB.

USB music ready in the car

To serve the needs of customers, many USB stores often pre-load music to USB. When buying, users just plug in the car to play music, no need to go through the process of copying music like the first type. If you do not have a computer, not much technology-savvy, buyers can prefer to choose this type of USB pre-copied music.

Car-ready music USB is the kind that the seller has already copied the music inside

How to create a USB music player in the car

How to use a USB music player in a car is very simple, including the following steps:

Download (download) video music for car USB

The first step is to download music (also known as download music, copy music), photos, videos … to USB. With built-in music USB, you can skip this step. However, if you want to change music, remove music or add new music, pictures or videos, you will need to perform this step.

To download music pictures for car USB, need a desktop computer, laptop or tablet … with USB connection port. The computer has music files, pictures or videos to download to USB.

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To download video music for car USB need a computer

Instructions to download music, pictures, videos … to your car USB:

  • First plug the USB into the USB socket on the computer.
  • After the computer is connected to the USB, right-click the USB drive> select Format> select FAT32. For use in cars, it is recommended to format FAT32, because some cars do not support NTFS format.
  • Next to the folder (folder) containing the music, pictures or videos … need to be copied to USB. Proceed to select and copy (copy) the whole (if you want to download all at once) or select each file (file) you want to download (if you do not want to download all).
  • Next on the USB drive select paste (paste). All copied files (files) will be loaded onto the USB drive.

Once done, select USB disconnect on the computer before unplugging the USB.

Plug the USB into a car USB reader

Currently, most cars are equipped with USB readers to help connect USB to CD players, DVDs or central entertainment screens. USB readers are usually located near the central entertainment system in the car.

Most cars are equipped with USB readers by manufacturers

Instructions to play music, videos from car USB:

  • First plug the USB into the car USB reader. When the USB is connected to a central entertainment system, modern monitors will have a message connected.
  • Next on the screen, select the Audio section (usually with a musical note icon).
  • Then in the list of options, select the USB connected item.
  • Finally can click play music or video as you like.

Note when listening to music, video with USB in the car

There are many different types of video file formats such as AVI, FLV, WMV, MOV, MP4 … But not all cars support all of these formats. Usually, high-class economy cars or luxury cars have full support. Low-cost popular cars such as Grade A and Grade B mostly only support a few popular formats.

If the video in the USB flash drive is in a format not supported by the vehicle, it will not be played on the vehicle. Therefore, according to many experienced people, when downloading video to USB for the first time to play in the car, we should choose many videos in different formats to test. From there, we will know the types of formats that the vehicle supports to choose the right video.

To know what format the video is in just watch the extension in the video name (after the dot). The most commonly used video format is usually MP4.

Similar to video, music files also have many different formats such as MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC, OGG, AIFF … To be sure, you need to check the same as the video. The most commonly used music format is usually MP3.

Experience buying a USB music player in the car

When buying a USB music player, watching videos in a car, be aware of the following:

USB capacity

USB capacity represents the data storage capacity of the USB. USB capacity is usually in Gb (Gigabytes). The larger the capacity of the USB flash drive, the more storage capacity. Types of USB for cars today usually have common capacities: 8Gb, 16Gb, 32Gb, 64Gb, 128Gb …

USB capacity (Gb) represents the data storage capacity of a car USB

The higher the capacity, the higher the USB price will be. So depending on the needs that users can choose the right type. If you only store music in MP3 format, you can choose a car USB with 16Gb or 32Gb capacity. If you store a lot of videos (because video files are usually heavier than music files), you can choose 64Gb or 128 Gb USB.

USB connection port

Currently, USB has the main types of connection ports such as: USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and 3.1 In which type 2.0 is more popular, type 3.0 and 3.1 are only available in a new high-end USB model. USB 3.0 and 3.1 have the advantage of faster data transfer speeds than USB 2.0 ports. On the other hand, USB 3.0 and 3.1 are fully compatible for use with 2.0 readers. When buying car music USB, priority should be given to USB 3.0 or 3.1.

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When buying car music USB, priority should be given to USB port 3.1

What kind of good car music USB player?

The market currently has many types of car USB from many different brands. For a long-term use, ensuring a stable connection, buyers should prioritize buying USB from major brands that are appreciated for quality such as:

USB Sandick

Sandick is a company specializing in manufacturing memory cards and memory card readers, USB drives, SSD … the third largest in the world from the US. Sandick has many USB models with diverse capacities, fast transfer speeds, using USB 3.1 ports … Some popular Sandick USB models such as: Sandisk Extreme Go 3.1 64GB, SanDisk Ultra Flair CZ7332GB, SanDisk CZ600 16GB …

Sandick has a variety of car USB models with a variety of capacities

Kingston USB

Kingston Technology Company is one of the largest multinational computer technology groups in the world, headquartered in the US. Kingston USB is famous for its beautiful design, high durability, using fast 3.0 port … Some popular Kingston USB models such as: Kingston DT100G3 32GB USB 3.0, Kingston DataTraveler DT50 32GB – USB 3.1, Kingston DataTraveler SWIVL 32GB …

Kingston USB is famous for its beautiful design

USB Samsung

Samsung is a multinational corporation specializing in manufacturing electronic devices, the second largest in the world from Korea. Samsung has many USB models with beautiful design, high-class waterproof … Some popular Samsung USB models such as: Samsung Fit Plus USB3.1 Flash Drive 64GB, Samsung BAR Plus MUF-64BE 64GB waterproof …

Samsung has many beautiful, high-end waterproof USB models

Car USB prices are currently very cheap, only from a few tens to more than a hundred thousand dong can own a good USB.

Where to buy car USB?

There are many stores selling car music USB. You can buy car USBs at e-commerce sites, electronics (mobile) stores, or auto accessories. Some places also sell USB pre-copied car music in many different styles such as Bolero music, Golden music … Depending on the capacity of the USB, the number of songs ranges from a few hundred to several thousand songs.

Phong Nguyen

Frequently asked questions about USB for cars

? Where is a good place to buy a USB to listen to music on a car in Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi?

Reply: In Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang or any other province in the country, car USB is sold. The most popular are electronics stores, computer & phone accessories stores …

? How do I get synthesized music packages for my car in a USB?

Reply: There are many synthesized music packages for cars on the Internet. You can search and download music for the car, then copy to USB.

? Should we buy Pham Huy Thong car USB?

Reply: On Pham Huy Thong street in Ba Dinh district, Hanoi, there are many places to sell car USB. You can go directly to the shops here to buy USB. However, when buying, it is necessary to prioritize genuine products with clear brands and origins.

? Why does the car USB not recognize?

Reply: Car USB does not accept except for cases where USB is defective, most of it is because it is in NTFS format, the car does not support. To fix just connect to the computer, choose Format again to FAT32 format.

? Why can’t I hear the music on the USB stick?

Reply: As mentioned in detail in the above article, the cause of copying music to the USB cannot be heard is because the music is in a format that the car does not support. So just select music in the supported vehicle format, most popular is music in MP3 format, video in MP4 format can be used.

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