Apple: the health benefits of fruit

Apple: the health benefits of fruit

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THE Apple it is a fruit from the apple tree. In addition to being very tasty, it has many health benefits, as it is highly nutritious, characterized as a great source of vitamins and minerals and even indicated as a fundamental food in diets.

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Apple Benefits

Rich in substances like flavonoids and malic acid, the apple prevents stuck intestines, gout, diabetes and skin diseases, also improving the nervous system and reducing anxiety. It also has pectin in its bark, which moderates appetite and ensures satiety.

Quercetin, on the other hand, is an antioxidant present in the pulp that fights aging of the cells of the immune system, also having the power to ward off the flu and provide vitamin C to the body. Its intake is indicated to clean the vocal tract, pharynx and mouth, preventing infections in the throat.

The potassium and pectin in the apple also prevent the accumulation of fat in the arterial wall, also detoxifying the liver and restoring energy. The apple is also pointed out as beneficial for the teeth, as it keeps them white and healthy.

Apple masks are highly used on the skin, in addition to apple cider vinegar, which is part of numerous recipes to restore shine and softness to the hair.

Apple lose weight?

Because it is rich in fiber and pectin, the apple brings a great feeling of satiety and, therefore, is a great ally of healthy weight loss. In addition, pectin reduces the absorption of sugar, decreasing the amount of fat absorbed by the body.

Apple types

There are basically four types of apples. The first is the Fuji apple, which is a bit acidic and crunchy and, therefore, widely used in fruit salads, desserts and jams.

THE Gala apple it is softer and sweeter, highly rich in anti-oxidants. It is currently one of the most appreciated types in Brazil. The Red or Argentine apple it has whiter pulp and, when ripe, crumbles in the mouth.

THE green apple it’s very acidic. Its consumption is more suitable to complement savory dishes, salads and baked goods.

How to consume

Experts recommend eating an apple a day, fasting, as this is the time when nutrients are best used by the body. The ideal is to eat the apple with peel, as it concentrates a large part of its vitamins and minerals.

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