Acura ILX review: what's up to the Lexus IS, Audi A3?

Acura ILX review: what’s up to the Lexus IS, Audi A3?

Despite modern equipment and “soft” price, many people still appreciate that Acura ILX has not had a breakthrough in design such as Lexus IS, Audi A3 …

Introduction to Acura ILX

Acura ILX is a luxury sedan segment of famous Japanese car company Honda. Acura ILX was first introduced in 2012, featuring a new Acura design called “fusion dynamics”. Compared with the Honda Civic, Acura ILX is equipped with Amplitude Reactive shock absorbers, a larger, stiffer steering shaft providing flexible handling.

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In 2016, Acura ILX introduced the upgraded mid-life version. The car uses a 2.4 liter i-VTEC engine combined with a dual-clutch transmission. In 2019, Acura ILX continues to release an impressive facelift with a new design language combined with the outstanding “Diamond Pentagon” grille.

Acura ILX is in the luxury sedan segment

In the segment, Acura ILX has competitors such as Lexus IS, Audi A3, BMW 320i … However, the design has not really made many breakthroughs, Acura ILX is not as appreciated as many of its competitors.

Review Acura ILX about exterior

The Acura ILX exterior is designed according to Acura’s new design language with Acura Precision Concept concept. Exterior of the Acura ILX looks quite small but very refined and sharp. Assessment Acura ILX on the exterior is somewhat lighter and more luxurious than the old generation.

Size specifications Acura ILX
Length x width x height (mm) 4,620 x 1,794 x 1,412
Wheelbase (mm) 2,670
Ground clearance (mm) 135
Radius of rotation (m) 5.6
Tire size P215 / 45VR17

Car head

The front section of the Acura ILX review stands out with a large pentagon-shaped grille. In the center of the grille is marked with the impressive large Acura branding logo. At the front of the car, there are cut lines and the capo has a prominent rib that creates a strong and muscular look for the car. The car headlight system and nearly LED type combined with a LED strip are located just below the headlights.

The front of the Acura ILX is powerful and muscular with a prominent rib running along the cap

Vehicle body

The bodywork is noticeable with 17-inch wheels in luxurious shiny alloy material. The rearview mirror is designed in the same color as the body, with electric adjustment / folding and integrated turn signal indicator.

17-inch Acura ILX wheels create a highlight for the bodywork


The rear of the Acura ILX attracts the user by its angular design. The small spoiler with simulated rear diffuser gives the car a sportier, more personality look.

The rear of the Acura ILX is angled and stylish

Evaluate Acura ILX about furniture

Interior space

The interior space of the Acura ILX car is designed not to change much compared to the old version. Due to the compact size, the space is moderate, not too spacious. This is the disadvantage of Acura ILX in the interior compared to its competitors. However, the car is equipped with many modern facilities and equipment.

The main color inside the car is black for the regular version while the A-spec version is red. The equipment on the car is arranged in harmony and science with high quality leather or suede. In terms of interior colors, users can choose from brown or red suede or add ebony materials. That helps the user to easily control the car as well as adds sophistication and elegance to the interior space of Acura ILX.

The interior space of Acura ILX is moderately large compared to the competitors

The seat system is redesigned compared to the previous one when the seat back is electrically adjustable to help the occupants get the most comfortable sitting posture. The taplo panel is plated with chrome and shiny silver to create a luxurious and elegant part for the car.

Equipped with comfort

Acura ILX is equipped with many modern and high-class facilities. The entertainment system equipped on Acura ILX includes: 2 updated screens with intuitive menu display software, high-quality sound system, … With such equipment, Acura ILX received a quick response. and 30% more accurate than before. Acura ILX is equipped with automatic air conditioning system and is capable of rapid, deep cooling. In addition, the Acura ILX also has an automatic sunroof that creates a more comfortable and fresh interior.

Interior Acura ILX is equipped with many modern and high-end amenities

Acura ILX review of engine / performance


Acura ILX is equipped with a naturally aspirated engine system. Consumers rated the Acura ILX’s engine power quite powerful and durable compared to its competitors. Here are the Acura ILX specifications about the engine.

Technical specifications Acura ILX
Engine 4 cylinders, capacity 2.4 liters
Maximum power (horsepower) 201
Torque (Nm) 224
Gear 8-speed dual-clutch transmission


According to users, Acura ILX feels capable of quiet, smooth, safe operation. Vehicles equipped with a new suspension system make them operate smoothly in the right quality of luxury cars. The soundproofing of the car is also quite good, so the occupants always have a quiet and relaxed feeling. In terms of fuel economy, Acura ILX is also appreciated when the fuel consumption is low in the segment. Acura ILX consumes about 8.1 liters / 100km of mixed roads.

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The performance of the Acura ILX is smooth, quiet and safe

Acura ILX review for safety equipment

Acura ILX is equipped with many of the company’s modern safety features. Compared to its segment competitors, the Acura ILX’s safety equipment is average.

Safety equipment Acura ILX
Brake assist Have
Forward collision warning Have
Lane Keep Assist Have
Adaptive cruise control Have
Acceleration assist and lane change warning Have

Front and rear camera

Sensor warning blind spot by radar Have
Safety warning and collision restriction Have
Air bag Have

Acura ILX price how much?

Currently, there are many different versions of Acura ILX on the car market. That’s why car selling price Acura ILX will depend on the version. Specifically, the selling price of the Acura ILX car price ranges from 28,940 to 35,930 USD. Compared to competitors in the same segment, the price of the Acura ILX car is sold at a reasonable level.

The car is suitable for those with finance, who love the luxury, modernity and luxury. At the same time, this sedan model will be suitable for customers who regularly travel individually. Acura ILX is a new luxury car that is receiving a lot of attention from consumers. If you are looking to buy a cheap luxury sedan, the Acura ILX is a name to consider.

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