Galaxy Z Fold2 5G - 4 beautifully designed smartphones

4 most beautiful and luxuriously designed smartphones in 2020

You sure understand what occasion is now. What are you wondering about without rewarding yourself with a pretty phone. And to suggest you the article will bring you 4 choices. 4 most beautiful and luxuriously designed smartphones in 2020

1. Galaxy Z Fold2 5G – 4 beautifully designed smartphones

Number 1 must be for those who are beautiful and arrogant. There is nothing to criticize in Galaxy Fold 2. Has been upgraded and completed many functions compared to the previous brother. A powerful smartphone and when unfolded, it offers a vast experience. Just like the screen of a compact and luxurious tablet. Experience smooth multitasking thanks to Sam home scaling and sorting.

Galaxy Z Fold2 5G – 4 beautifully designed smartphones

The 7.6 inch 120Hz seamless screen will not disappoint you. The back comes with an impressive camera system. Help you to have a unique and luxurious design but still do not lack deep inner work. Of course this is the desire of many brothers. However, the price for it is a bit big guys.

2. iPhone 12 series

IPhone 12 series
IPhone 12 series

Number 1 gave up to Mr. Sam, then Mr. Apple left right after. Unlike the friend Fold 2 with beautiful and somewhat flowery beauty. New generations of iPhone 12 are innovative and improved from their own old designs. Still retaining the familiar design language of the Apple family. Refined, elegant, and minimalistic. Do not talk too much about internal affairs because everyone knows what to say. The lightness and elegance that the iPhone 12 or 12 mini models bring are quite suitable for you. For you who still need power and elegance, the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max are your choice. If you are too confused with many models, buying an iPhone will satisfy you.

3. LG Wing – 4 beautifully designed smartphones

LG Wing - 4 beautifully designed smartphones
LG Wing – 4 beautifully designed smartphones

At first glance, the LG Wing is nothing special. However, the main feature is located in the horizontal screen rotation mechanism. If Apple is beautiful for its simplicity and lightness, this is the beauty of structure and creativity. Just like a fidget spinner. Durable with up to 200,000 turns. Single-task is light as usual and when multitasking is needed, rotate the screen. The main and secondary screens are 6.8 and 3.9 inches, respectively. Watching videos, listening to music or taking pictures with your LG Wing is a worthwhile experience. The criteria for a flagship are fully met. Bring a creative and dynamic design. Worth it for you to experience.

4. Motorola Razr 5G

Motorola Razr 5G
Motorola Razr 5G

It has been written that the Motorola Razr 5G will not really be a success in 2020. However, the performance inferiority with other competitors seems to be blurred when looking at the design. As you can still know the Motorola phones all have their own charm. And this time the Motorola features are still promoted on the modernity. With the curtain does not seem to notice the hinge similar to Fold 2.

Vertical bending brings nostalgia that is no less disruptive. The design is somewhat more dynamic and versatile than on the Fold 2. 48MP camera brings impressive photos. However, the battery capacity is the weakness. But if the trade-off to experience and own a unique unique design is still worth it.

Those are 4 nominations for you about the smartphone design worthwhile in 2020. Do you like me better or have any other opinion. Don’t forget our shopping address Phong Vu.


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