2020.08.26.  24,204 read Kia Motors Launches Extended Battery Warranty Up to 400,000km RGB stance 63

2020.08.26. 24,204 read Kia Motors Launches Extended Battery Warranty Up to 400,000km RGB stance 63

Up to 400,000km battery warranty extended product release!

Kia Motors, along with Hyundai Capital, launched a product that extends the warranty period for high-voltage batteries for customers who purchase commercial electric vehicles. Giza Motors is the first in the domestic industry to operate this extended warranty product, which is available only to customers who purchase Niro EV, Soul EV, and Bongo EV, which are commercial electric vehicles through installment payment of Hyundai Capital Finance. In consideration of the characteristics of the vehicle, we launched this product to reduce the burden of repairing high voltage batteries for commercial electric vehicles, so that many customers can purchase electric vehicles more easily. This product is operated as a’distance type single option’, and it is said that you can choose between two depending on the extension conditions for each vehicle type.

In the case of commercial taxis (Niro, Soul) EV vehicles, Kia Motors’ warranty condition of 200,000 km (10 years warranty) is extended by 100,000 km to provide a total of 300,000 km (250,000 won) and 200,000 km. It is said that you can sign up after choosing one of the two products (4.1 million won) that are guaranteed for a total of 400,000 km by extension.

Bongo EV for business is also a product that is guaranteed for a total of 200,000 km (2.3 million won) by extending 80,000 km to the existing warranty condition of 120,000 km (8 years warranty), and a product that is guaranteed to a total of 240,000 km by extending 120,000 km. (2.85 million won) It operates in two ways.

Kia Motors Electric Vehicle High Voltage Battery Warranty Extension Product Details

Car type
Our guarantee
Extension option
Total coverage
Product price
(Niro, Soul EV)
10 years / 200,000 km
(+) 100,000 km
300,000 km
2.75 million won
(+) 200,000 km
4010,000 km
4.15 million won
Bongo EV
8 years / 120,000 km
(+) 80,000 km
2010,000 km
2.3 million won
(+)120,000 km
2410,000 km
2.85 million won

For example, if a customer who purchases a commercial Niro EV vehicle using a Hyundai Capital installment product subscribes to the option to extend 100,000 km, the selling price of the product is 275 until 300,000 km driving even after the existing 200,000 km warranty period ends. It is said that the battery can be replaced and repaired for 10,000 won, and customers who used the Hyundai Capital installment product can also sign up for the product when purchasing a vehicle in the past (shipped on August 25, 2019). For more information on the’Extension of Electric Vehicle Battery Warranty Product for Business’, please visit the Kia Red Members website (www.red.kia.com) and Kia Motors’ national branches.

A Kia Motors official said, “Through the launch of this extended warranty for electric vehicle high voltage batteries, we aimed to increase satisfaction by reducing the burden of repair costs for high voltage batteries for commercial electric vehicle customers.” He said.

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