12 causes of insomnia that you never expected

12 causes of insomnia that you never expected

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A lack of sleep often makes us feel more tired after waking up. Moreover, it is one of the causes of weight gain.

We’ll give you some simple tips to combat annoying sounds that keep you awake, making you feel more comfortable and at ease. Here it is 12 causes of insomnia that you will probably never expect. Invite you to consult!

12. Room temperature is not suitable

Room temperature is not suitable© depositphotos

While it is easier to fall asleep in warmth, the optimal temperature for deep sleep is 15-23 ° C.

Solution: You can keep warm with a thin blanket during the day and change with a warmer blanket at night.

11. Poor exercise

Exercise at the wrong time© pixabay

Do exercise helps to stimulate your nervous system, which is exactly why your sleep is having problems after returning from the gym.

Solution: Should exercise at least 3 hours before going to bed.

10. Irregular bedtime

Sleep times are not regular© depositphotos

Sleeping at a different time each day will only make your night’s sleep more difficult. Make a regular nightly bedtime schedule for yourself.

Solution: You should go to bed at the same time every night, and preferably from 10 p.m. to no more than 1 o’clock the next morning.

9. Lighting in the bedroom


Light in the bedroom© depositphotos

Even the smallest light source from a lamp or LED of electronic devices will make it difficult to sleep. The darker the bedroom, the easier it is to fall asleep.

Solution: Get rid of all the unnecessary light sources in your bedroom. And if needed, you can use a sleeping mask.

8. Noise

Noise© depositphotos

No matter what the sound, be it a noise of traffic outside or a loud noise from a neighbor’s house, make it difficult for you to get a good night’s sleep.

Solution: Use noise-canceling earplugs to suppress outside noise that will help you sleep better.

7. Misuse of bed

Misuse of bed

Use your bed© depositphotos

Many people use their bed not only to rest but also to work, which affects the quality of sleep a lot.

Solution: Don’t think about work or anything else while you’re resting in bed.

6. Use plenty of caffeine

Use plenty of caffeine© depositphotos

Not only coffee but tea, chocolate and some other products contain caffeine which is one of the substances that make it difficult for you to sleep.

Solution: Limit eating or drinking caffeine-containing substances each night before bed.

5. Make it easier for the body to fall asleep

Make it easier for the body to fall asleep© depositphotos

Usually many of us do not spend time lying in bed to sleep, but instead play technology devices, think or daydream.

Solution: If you can’t sleep within 20 minutes, get a book (It’s not an e-book, because it can make your insomnia worse) or do something to relax your mind.

4. Alcoholic beverages

Alcoholic beverages© depositphotos

While alcoholic beverages will help you fall asleep faster, it has a negative effect on eye flexibility, making you feel more tired and nauseous after waking up.

Solution: Do not drink alcohol 2 hours before going to bed, it is better to quit alcohol as well.

3. Relax your mind

Relax© depositphotos

We often do not let our mind rest before going to bed after the daily problems we experience, leading to poor quality sleep.

Solution: Forget all your worries and look for something new and positive. Try playing a game that lists countries with the same initials or counting sheep.

2. Practice good habits

Practice good habits© depositphotos

Regular practice of good habits before bed also makes it easier to fall asleep and fall asleep.

Solution: Showering with warm water or listening to music before bed are good habits to follow on a regular basis. Note that you should not bathe with water that is too hot as this will speed up your metabolism and make it harder to sleep.

1. Sleeping position

Sleeping position© depositphotos

Lying in a position or position that makes you uncomfortable always makes sleep a lot slower.

Solution: Lie in the position you feel most comfortable in and try not to change it until you fall asleep.

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Having fun!

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